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Once There Was A Country Called Pakistan

Kissmat International Publication recently released an interesting book titled, “Once There Was A Country Called Pakistan”, written by Wg Cdr S K Sharma which narrates the story of the last war with Pakistan and it’s reunification with India at a grand event at the Constitution Club at New Delhi. The grand event was attended by well known names from the defense sector and civilian sector, namely Lt Gen Ashwani Kumar Bakshi, Air Marshal C Hari Kumar, Maj Gen K T Gajria, Shri Ashok Shrivastava, Shri S K Ghai and Commander V K Jaitly and many other dignitaries.

The nefarious ‘Pulwama act’ of Pakistan is still alive in every Indian’s memory. People reacted, and the government responded by the stellar counter-attack by the Indian Air force on terrorist camps in ‘Balakot’. Wing Commander S K Sharma, a veteran of Indian Air Force, too felt the pain and he has penned down this amazing book.

Wg Cdr S K Sharma says, “I was badly shaken and pained. And out of the pain comes this book”. Through his book he aims to entertain by narrating the story of war and peace, assimilation and development. It will be particularly relatable for the masses of India, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Israel and Saudi Arabia. His book is a work of fiction, and NOT a war treatise. From the book, students of war studies, foreign affairs, political science, public administration, corporate strategy and the global economy can draw conclusions, but of course, with caution.

In this book, he narrates the story of the last war with Pakistan and its reunification with India. The circumstances created in the book, compel both the nations, to face the ultimate moment of truth – and make bold decisions. The book also presents a wish list of the hyper-realist young India, which will enable the political leadership, to make India – the third largest economy in the world by 2025.

He quotes Jinnah from the book ‘Indian Summer: The Secret History of the End of an Empire’, where British historian Alex Von Tunzelmann has quoted Jinnah as ‘the demand for Pakistan the biggest blunder of his life”. And from his death bed he further wished, “If now I get an opportunity, I will go to Delhi and tell Jawaharlal to forget about the follies of the past and become friends again”.

This is a book for ‘believers’ – those who believe that India will become the 3rd largest economy in the world by 2025. “Trust me, it is possible. The creation of Pakistan was most definitely one of the blunders of the British Raj that must be corrected now. This book can serve as a guide to help undo the humungous political errors of the past. The integration of India might test our collective resolve as a nation. But it will happen for sure”, says Wg Cdr Sharma.

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Wg Cdr S K Sharma (Retd), a thinker, motivator and a Change maker has served in the Indian Air Force in various capacities; as an Air Traffic Controller, Security Officer, Intelligence Officer and Counter Intelligence Officer. He has also served in the Prime Minister’s Cabinet Secretariat, which works in close coordination with NSG, SSF, NTRO, R&AW and the Military Intelligence. He has been a member of the prestigious Armed Forces Selection Boards and a senior faculty at Defense Institute of Psychological Research (DIPR). He is also an experiential educator, a qualified Personality assessor, Behavioral Trainer and a Master of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). Post retirement, he served as Group Director for HR and Training at some group companies. He currently runs a Corporate Training and Adventure company ‘Training And Beyond-India’. He also is an expert Outbound experiential trainer, and has trained people from floor and field associates to senior managers to CEOs of over 125 corporates and PSUs.

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