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Physiotherapy session by Dream Mattress

Today,  almost everyone has some kind of back pain which happens because of hectic daily work routines, wild partying habits and wrong sleeping postures and also using wrong type or old mattresses. And these back pains include different pains like Cervical Pain, Slip Disk, Sciatica, Sleep deprivation and others.
Sleeping on a wrong mattress is one of the major causes of back pains.  If the mattress is not of good quality or if it is an old one, it creates a lack of support to your body which reinforces poor sleeping posture, strains muscles and does not help keep the spine in alignment; all of which contribute to low back pain.
So it is very important to get the correct support for your spine. And a mattress of the correct type suiting your body is a must to prevent these pains. A mattress that is too hard can put too much pressure on the areas where you feel discomfort, whereas a mattress that is too soft will not provide support for the areas that need it, allowing the spine to spend long periods in poor and unhealthy positions.

And to let us know the importance for such a mattress, Dream Mattress recently organized a Physiotherapy session at Pearl Furniture & Interior Kirti Nagar as part of their welfare activities. During this session with Dr. Aneesha, a  musculoskeletal physiotherapist people were screened for Back Pain, Cervical Pain and other issues due to use of bad mattress.

Dr. Aneesha urged the people to be aware and keep taking physiotherapy sessions and not neglect any type of Back pain because these can be severe at later stages. She also told people the importance of using a good mattress and how to choose one. Below are the few points she mentioned.
  • Choose the best mattress such as Innerspring mattress, Memory foam mattresses, Latex mattress, Air mattresses and Adjustable mattresses.
  • Replace a mattress approximately every eight years.
  • Take care of allergens. If you have allergies particularly to dust mites, mould, and various bacteria, read the label on the mattress to make sure that the materials don’t contain any invading allergens. Always search for a hypoallergenic mattress i.e. made out of natural latex and wool or both or simply a mattress cover.
  • Don’t go for a cheaper mattress because they are made up of cheap material which will cause trouble in the long run.
  • Do not use soft pillows which can cause excess neck ache and soreness

Addressing the audience Mr. Pramod Tripathi Sales and Marketing Head- Dream Mattress & Mr. Jagjit Bagga from Pearl Furniture & Interior, informed about different range of Orthopedics Mattress and its usage. Mr Tripathi said, Orthopaedic mattresses offer high levels of support, pressure relief and comfort. These mattresses are  particularly beneficial for those who have a bad back or experience aches and pains throughout the night, and on the same hand, this type of mattress isn’t only for those who suffer from back pain.



On how to choose and buy a new mattress for yourself, Mr Bagga gave a few tips:

  • You should always check a mattress first that it supports you in the right way, the best way is go to a store and try a bed.
  • Make sure you try several mattresses before you buy. Lie down in your preferred sleeping position and rest for 10 minutes. This will give a good guide to the comfort and support the mattress gives you.
  • Dont compromises on quality and cost. Well, an investment in a high quality mattress offers the back support you need.  A 15000/- mattress will cost approx Rs 4/- per night over 10 years or Rs 2/- each only if with a partner.





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