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Surprise your loved ones with a unique gift

How would you like your watch just made for yourself which incorporates an antique coin or a 3D printed watch with motifs in stainless steel and covered by a sapphire crystal or a watch embedded with a real peacock feather in its dial

How’s that for styling? I bet you must be asking – How, where and how much?

Well, Jaipur Watch Company does that and it is India’s only bespoke Watch Company that makes a range of custom-made watches that not just exude luxury but also a tradition with a subtle hint of contemporary design. JWC has the capabilities to design any kind of watch based on customer requests. These watches also serve as a unique gift.

The dial of the watch is 3D printed with motifs and numbers given a high polished surface. The watch is powered by a premium Japanese Miyota mechanical movement of 9015. Its belt is genuine high-quality hand-crafted leather. The outer dimension of the case is 40 mm and the thickness is 8mm. The lugs of the watch are 20mm in size. Price: This a made to order watch priced at INR 65000.

India’s national bird peacock symbolizes vibrancy, majestic elegance and diversity of colours  and that makes you too vibrant, unique and Elegant when you put on the Jaipur Watch Company’s Peacock Watch Collection. Each watch is embedded with a real peacock feather in its dial to stay true to nature. The collection amalgamates the essence of nature, the beauty of this majestic bird and a symbol of India as a country.

I, i.e me, i.e Pradeep also love the Peacock feathers dearly and have more than 100’s of them in my collection. The feather of this beautiful bird has a kaleidoscope of colors in it that cannot be found elsewhere or replicated artificially. Hence, the peacock feather watch embeds a real peacock feather in its dial to stay true to nature,” says Gaurav Mehta, founder of Jaipur Watch Company. The collection can be a great gifting option for brothers looking to surprise their sisters on Rakhi. The collection is second in a series of peacock themed collections that JWC launched in 2014 and the prices start from INR 35000.

All these watches are available at: and also at Tijori Stores, at The Oberoi Hotels. JWC has its manufacturing plant at Peenya, Bengaluru.

Jaipur Watch Company :

“Customization, which has always been the forte of JWC, is now one of the main advantages exploited by them with 3D printing,” says Gaurav Mehta.

The process of customizing a bespoke luxury watch is indeed an art. Each watch echoes the possessor’s characteristics and connotes its own story through the dial.

With a strong belief in the ‘Make in India’ initiative, Jaipur Watch Company as a brand was built to cater the niche market of the Indian society. Believing in class and tradition that resonates with the Indian audience, the brand has the potential to be the most successful watch name in India. Their watches are a product of innovation, with a subtle hint of tradition.

A requisite for customization involves closely working with the client in understanding their vision. The first interaction between the client and the expert watch designer leads to exchange of ideas which are worked upon to build concrete concepts and designs. The designer and the watchmaker then transform this idea into a sketch or even a digital creation to convey the message as envisioned by the client.

Additionally, one can also get watch backs monogrammed with texts and engravings to convey the emotion or message. After collating the details of the design or text to be monogrammed, a handmade sketch of the monogram is prepared. The sketch is then used to create the end product using the state of art CNC machining. With special attention given to the intricacies of the design, the monograms are then casted in gold and silver while ensuring extreme attention to detail.

After the dial, the clients can choose from a select range of straps in a variety of genuine leather, or precious metals. The straps are created to compliment the watch dial and the concept discussed upon with the clients. The selected strap is then assembled with the watch by hand and the utmost care. The watches can be handcrafted in both gold and silver too.








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