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Tokenz webpage

Tokenz webpage, Photo Credits: Tokenz website

Traditional Gifting Options

Tokenz  is a startup e-commerce website that came into existence when everyone was locked in their homes, i.e. the COVID-19 era. The saying, Blessing in disguise, became a reality for the e-commerce industry, which saw a big surge during the lockdowns, and startups with diverse views and innovative ideas survived through.

Tokenz is one such startup, that was launched to uplift and promote Indian crafts and give the artists residing in remote, unheard regions in India, and the team effectively used the opportunity into establishing itself as a leader in uplifting and promoting India’s exquisite arts and crafts. It is now a popular name when people search for diverse Indian handicrafts.  A Make In India initiative, Tokenz sources authentic crafts from the hinterland of India and gives gig economy workers a platform to spread their craft. Some of these crafts have long been forgotten, but Tokenz is doing a great job by sourcing and locating these lost legacies and forgotten crafts and giving them a new platform to come forward and show what Indian craftsmanship is…

Tokenz team has gone out of the way and traversed the hidden streets of India to pick artisans that imbue life to the arts and crafts of India handpicks each product with an emphasis on traditional expertise. They have created a large and boundless collection; each product is handpicked from the hinterland of India, and is available at the click of a mouse, offering the eclectic buyer quality traditional artisan fare. Tampatra and Pattachitra paintings from Orissa, blue pottery, and block prints from Rajasthan, Chikankari from Lucknow, Dokra work from Madhya Pradesh, and pashmina & walnut wood specialized handicrafts from Kashmir, an ecosystem of specialised crafts await the shopper.

There are innumerable products made in India that do not reach even ordinary Indians as they are made to be exported internationally, or the hard-at-work artisan does not have the wherewithal to reach beyond his region. Tokenz brings all these legacies of craftsmanship together – be it stonework and woodcraft from Uttar Pradesh, phulkari, and other crafts from Punjab, bandini, and mirror work from Rajasthan, and intricate metalwork from Madhya Pradesh.

Highlights of Tokenz 

You name anything, from a small Mitti ka Diya, or a thematic painting of gods, or any other cultural significance, you will find it here. You will find handicrafts, sculptures, and paintings, and many other items of great significance in Indian culture. The beautiful God pictures frames in 22 carat Gold are just amazing.

  • An immense range of gifting options – from Puja artifacts to perfume & fragrances, dry fruits to chocolates.
  • Easy to navigate website.
  • Classification of gifts according to the occasion – Diwali, Rakhi, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Holi, etc.
  • They say that they have an easy cancellation and return policy.
  • All India shipping.
  • A Make in India initiative.

The product line:

  • Terracotta planters and products.
  • Diwali Decor Items.
  • Khadi range of products.
  • Indian Paintings. And many others…

Hey, stop reading and visit Tokenz, fill up your shopping basket with the choicest premium collections, bespoke curation, and many many other festival merchandises, essentials, home utilities, decorative, fashion, accessories & gifts for all occasions and festivals.

The festival of colours, Holi was approaching, hence I ended up buying desserts from the website. They were delivered on time and with proper packing and were delivered fresh.


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