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Visual Narratives – Telling Stories through Art

Experimenting With Visual Narratives is an ongoing group show till 22nd January 2022 at Art lounge by Aparna Banerjee, C402 Nirvana courtyard, Gurugram. The show essentially focuses on the works of the artists which in turn tell a story of its own.

The show is curated by Praveen Mohto and features 13 artists working in the varied genres, painting, photograph, paper Mache, sculpture.

Delhi-based reputed sculptor artist Sheela Chamaria chose to show her work, a sculpture in fiberglass. She says that in the present, difficult and grim times it is very important to keep everyone around and oneself positively motivated hence she tries to go within and dig out happier moments and depict them in her work …at least this way she can bring a smile to folks around when they relate to it.

Moment – Sculpture in Fiberglass by Sheela Chamaria

Kamana Gupta, another participating artist has essentially displayed terracotta works having architectural influence.

Another artist, Jattinn Kochhar , a fashion designer, and artist has also displayed a work reflecting his current state of mind influenced by the present worldwide situation. ALL in all, it is a very versatile show.

Jattinn Kochhar’s work – Rendition of Amazon Rainforests

List of participating artists:

Anand Kapoor

Chandrasekhar Bheda

Datta Apte

Gayatri  Apte

Jattinn Khochhar

Kamana Gupta

Md. Naseem

Pankaj Nikam

Rasheed Ahamad

Sanjoy Chatterjee

Sheela Chamariya

Sushanta Dad

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