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Wildcraft is one of the fastest-growing outdoor brands in India today. Ahead–to–toe outfitter, the company’s product portfolio includes jackets, shoes, rucksacks, sleeping bags, tents, and travel accessories for trekking, camping, and other outdoor pursuits. Wildcraft products are designed to work with, not against, the elements and are available in over 120 exclusive stores and 2,500 multi-branded stores across Indian cities.

Wildcraft has recently launched its new collection, the HypaDura collection, a revolutionary new concept in backpacks. Crafted from strong and highly durable fabric, the packs use superior technology materials giving them a performance edge in the outdoors. Abrasion-resistant material at stress points, lightweight padded shoulder straps, buckles and zippers, and high-tenacity gear loops have been used to give the backpacks more strength and durability.


They also launched the HypaDry collection, an expedition-ready range of rainwear, in various styles and shades for men and women, featuring the Dry+Vent technology, which keeps you dry while allowing your skin to breathe. The breathable nylon fabric has nanopores mimicking your skin that are perfectly sized, allowing your sweat to vapourise while still keeping the rain out. And to make sure you stay dry, the seam-sealing tape on the HypaDry collection keeps stray water droplets from seeping in.

Lighter than most rainwear products found in the market today, HypaDry products are made out of polyester and nylon, coated throughout with polyurethane to keep you dry and comfortable. The collection also features reflective trim, ensuring visibility in poor light. Available in various colours, the range encompasses Rain Ponchos, Rain Cheaters, Rain Jackets, and Rain Pants.

Wildcraft is now making rapid strides towards what it was always meant to do – enable people to discover the outdoors.

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